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Two weeks ago when I started this diet I weighed 298 pounds….far too close to 300 for my own comfort. It has now been two weeks of eating less than 20g of carbs a day, following the advice of Gary Taubes, and I find myself at 285 pounds!!!!! So thats a 13 pound loss or around 6 kg. I do believe this diet is having some very bizarre side effects, which I will outline here.

1. I am eating as much as I want and losing weight

2. I am eating when I feel physiologically hungry (i.e stomach rumbling)

3. I find myself putting a meal aside and having it the next day because I am full

4. I am skipping meals at night because I don’t feel hungry.

5. I can put off eating for a bit if it is inconvenient, even if I feel hungry

6. My energy levels have risen

7. I have become a bit of a fanboy of Gary Taubes

I don’t know I mean these low carb diets really make people do some weird things!!!!!

The question now is do I stay ketogenic? Given that it’s not hard at the moment, and things are going swimmingly well, Im likely to stay ketogenic until I get my weight under control where I will review it again. But I am wondering what other low carbers may think about doing this? I need to start looking into whether this is healthy long-term, I suspect it is, but if anyone has any studies that they can link ┬áplease feel free.