Two weeks ago when I started this diet I weighed 298 pounds….far too close to 300 for my own comfort. It has now been two weeks of eating less than 20g of carbs a day, following the advice of Gary Taubes, and I find myself at 285 pounds!!!!! So thats a 13 pound loss or around 6 kg. I do believe this diet is having some very bizarre side effects, which I will outline here.

1. I am eating as much as I want and losing weight

2. I am eating when I feel physiologically hungry (i.e stomach rumbling)

3. I find myself putting a meal aside and having it the next day because I am full

4. I am skipping meals at night because I don’t feel hungry.

5. I can put off eating for a bit if it is inconvenient, even if I feel hungry

6. My energy levels have risen

7. I have become a bit of a fanboy of Gary Taubes

I don’t know I mean these low carb diets really make people do some weird things!!!!!

The question now is do I stay ketogenic? Given that it’s not hard at the moment, and things are going swimmingly well, Im likely to stay ketogenic until I get my weight under control where I will review it again. But I am wondering what other low carbers may think about doing this? I need to start looking into whether this is healthy long-term, I suspect it is, but if anyone has any studies that they can link  please feel free.




4 responses to “285

  • Doug

    Hey Dan

    Where are you getting your carbs from and do you eat them at any particular time of the day?

    I am thinking in terms of using that small amount of sugar post-exercise to fuel exercise and/or re-feed muscle cells rather than fat cells

  • DB

    Hi Doug,

    Well I had a bit of a bullet in my faith last night after reading Stephan at Whole Health Food Source argue against Gary Taubes (been going on for a year but I have been away that long). So I don’t know what to believe. What I do know is that low carb diets seem to work in both cases.

    Either way I will look into it closely today and think if a way to incorporate both ideas. I eat carb’s whenever I feel like it but it’s usually from green leafy vegetables. Well actually it’s probably more from the cheeses and slightly processed meats I eat (sausages etc) that have some carbs in them. But it looks like that is about to change.

    I will be posting later on today about this.

  • Carla

    Hi Dan!
    I also have a much smaller appetite. The past couple of days I’ve actually found it hard to eat, and I haven’t been finishing my meals. Weird! I’ve lost over 10 lbs now…

  • DB

    Wow that is great!!! My weight loss has stalled for the last three days Im wondering if it’s because of the diet coke. But these things tend to go in bursts for me so Im sure any day now Ill see another big drop.

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