Energy Levels

The old calories in/calories out model states that if you expend more energy (i.e exercise) this will increase your energy out and help to lose weight (obviously if your energy out is lower than energy in). Gary Taubes argues that this is flawed because it is based on the assumption that our bodies will not increase our appetite or decrease our metabolism to compensate, and numerous studies show that our bodies do this. Therefore, these two factors are not independent of each other, and by that I mean you can’t increase your energy out component without directly influencing your energy in (more hunger, metabolic rate reduces).

Gary Taubes argues that rather than exercising to lose weight, thin people tend to exercise because they have access to more energy. That is their bodies are not hoarding all the fat into fat cells and therefore hijacking energy from the food we eat. Now that I am on low carb (< 20g a day) theoretically my body is now, finally, accessing my fatty reserves, and trust me that would be similar to when they first struck oil in Texas – it’s a bonanza of untapped energy.

Regardless, I have found that my energy levels may have increased as a result. I say may because I don’t notice that I have more energy, what I have noticed is that tasks that involved a lot of mental persuasion to do are now been done with little thought. For example, washing the car, cleaning the house, walking to work etc. All of these I would have tried to avoid before because it seemed like too much work (yes I know how sad that sounds), but now I am able to do them without any mental blockages. Additionally, I am able to do more of them for longer before I become tired.

Now this could easily be attributed to the placebo effect – my diet is working and so I feel more uplifted and so more energetic. I would not be confident enough to argue this isn’t the case. So I blog about this with that caveat in mind. The good news is I am dropping weight like no bodies business. Just last night I dropped another 0.9 pounds giving me a grand total of 11.2 pounds lost since last Saturday. I am still very dumbfounded at how easy this is.


8 responses to “Energy Levels

  • Responsibility199

    Wow, great weight loss progress. I’d love to do such low carb diet but I fear my gout would kick my ass hard. If I did it would have to be low carb and calories which actually may be something to consider. How many calories are you taking in a day?

    • DB

      Did you see my message on your blog about gout? It seems that insulin raises uric acid levels and so if you are decreasing your carbs then your insulin levels will be lowered, thus your chances of getting gout. I am not counting calories at all Patrick I am just eating as much as I feel like and making sure carbs stay below 20g a day. It almost feels like cheating because I am never hungry.

      • Responsibility199

        Yes, saw your post on my blog but after I came here for a read. This is interesting and as I am an experimentoer at heart I am willing to give low carb another shot. But, before I do I need to research what foods I ought to be considering eating so that I dont just take in a lot of nasty fatty crap. Do you have suggestions for this research? If not I’ll just go web walking. Thanks

  • DB

    If I was you I would go and get the Gary Taubes book – preferably Good Calories/Bad Calories, but if your not into a LOT of science then his other book ‘Why we are fat’ is also a great read! I don’t think you need to go anywhere else as he has so thoroughly researched the topic.

  • Carla

    Dan, once again we are on the same page. My energy levels are WAY up and I don’t seem to be needing as much sleep as before. I think my allergy meds (which I’m slowly getting off of) were making me super drowsy, as well as all the carby foods I had been eating. The last two days my carbs have been around 35 g and I am feeling really good! Awesome progress you’re making and I look forward to your next post.

  • Carla

    Here is a blog you might like… it’s an author who interviewed Taubes and decided to try his way of eating. It’s fantastic.

  • DB

    Thats a great link thanks Carla!!

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