The First Week

I guess it has been the first week since I started my low carb diet. It’s hard to tell as I started on Saturday in Canada and its now Sunday in New Zealand, anyway that’s close enough to a week for me. The great thing I have noticed about this low carb diet is that it is so easy to stick with, and as they say the proof is in the pudding. Well I can’t eat pudding, but here is my proof. I have been in transit since Tuesday with two full days trapped in aeroplanes (14 hr flights) who do not serve low carb foods. I could have so easily come up with an excuse to ‘just eat carbs’ but I didn’t. The first flight I simply didn’t eat a thing because there literally was no low carb options, and the second flight I was able to somewhat pick out the meat and cheese parts and that tied me over. The remaining time I was in a hotel. Again it could have been so easy for me to just slip up but it was so easy not too……I didn’t feel hungry. Actually that is not true. I DID feel hungry at times but it was real stomach hunger not this anxiety hunger I feel when I have eaten carbs. Because it was a physical hunger I could ignore it, however uncomfortable, until I could get my hands on some proper low carb food. This would, and could, never have happened if I was on a low fat/low calorie diet. I would have literally been so hungry that I would have been driven to eat something, thus breaking my diet, and then shattering my self esteem. The fact that I did not fall into this negative pattern simply astounds me.  The end result for me was a loss of 9 pounds – I now weigh 289.  I am proud of myself because I really doubt I could have pulled this off on anything but a low carb diet. It still feels amazing that I can eat all this food and lose weight.


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